Old things become new…

I grew up eating oregano. My mom is Italian and it hid in the background of so many dishes.  It was never the primary flavor but it was always there. I always liked it, but never really appreciated it on its own.

Recently, I rediscovered oregano, on its own accord. I was reading through this cookbook* and came across a recipe for Argentinian chimichurri..which features, you guessed it, oregano as the primary flavour.  

The best way I can describe my feelings after making and eating it (over a dry aged ribeye…) is like this: It’s like when the backup quarterback on your favorite team goes out and throws 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. You never saw it coming but once it’s happened… your opinion is forever changed.  
Read the book. Make the sauce. Be inspired. Trust me.
*Seven Fires, grilling the Argentine way. Francis Mallman with Peter Kaminsky. Artisan, a Workman Publishing Company. 2009.


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