Chew On This! How palatable is your social media content?

I have worked in places that both succeed (righteously!) at this and fail miserably at it. Seems like a great article to get you started regardless of your business niche, but especially in food!


The golden age of traditional marketing for restaurants and food industry businesses is quickly dissolving into the distance. Therefore, the industry has started to embrace social media as a legitimate tool. According to AIS Media, 89% of diners research restaurants online before visiting in person. What does this mean for your restaurant, food truck, or craft brewery?

Simple and plain, it means an establishment’s website, landing pages and social media presence are becoming main hubs for hungry patrons on a mad dash for their next meal. Regardless if you own a large restaurant chain or a small successful hole in the wall with a cult following, you NEED a social strategy coupled with attention grabbing digital content. If you are just getting your establishment off the ground then an “in house” social media representative, maybe a current employee who has a hard time putting their phone down, is the way to…

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